Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Raw Foods Treat: Dates and Pecans

I think the original recipe called for almonds. I did not have almonds. This was still good. So good, in fact, that I ate them like candy. And, then went and made more just so that I could continue eating them like candy. I first received this idea when a fellow Momma brought these to a Christmas party. She rolled hers in sugar. Delightful. I did not. Still delightful.

Pecans (or almonds!)

Slice the date and shove the pecan inside. Eat.
Eat some more.
Eats some more.
Eat some more.
Oh, yes share some too. of three weeks ago all I knew of dates was from Indiana Jones....remember the line, "bad dates" from when the monkey died from eating the poison dates!? No. You don't. Indy was saved from sudden death by date thanks to his friends who caught the date mid-air..still not ringing a bell? Ah, yes a dork I am indeed. Indy may have encountered bad dates, but this treat sure will convince you otherwise!

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