Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Truffles just in time for Christmas!

I came home last Sunday night and my husband had made truffles! The recipe he used was off of The Pioneer Woman. Very tasty recipe and according to him, easy. 
He did have two suggestions~
1. After making the first batch of melted chocolate let it sit in the fridge overnight. It made rolling the truffles into balls much easier as the "dough" was firm. The picture above was of his first batch.
2. Use the leftover chocolate wisely. After dipping all of your truffles into the chocolate coating (which we simply used semi-sweet chocolate chips) the pan with have chocolate left. He added whole cream to the pan and began whisking.....and then added a little bit of milk......and some vanilla.....and we had delicious hot cocoa all from the chocolate that might have been washed down the sink!

He made three kinds~ sea salt, plain, and sprinkled. The sea salt were the family favorite even from our little ones! 

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