Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ultra/ Town and Country Coupon Deals for the week of 12/2-12/8

I have the privilege of helping out my friend, Claire, over at Mummydeals, this month. She is one of many moms who has taken on the task of supplying us with coupon match-ups on a regular basis. She'll be having a baby in the near future and asked that I cover her Ultra/ Town and Country coupon deals for the month of December, and into January, so here they are. If you are in an area that has either of those grocery stores, read on, and see if there are any deals you might want to snag this week...

These deals will start Thursday, December 2...
(with in-ad store coupon and additional $10 purchase. Limit one for each)

Centrella Milk $1.78

Folgers $5.88
Use $1/1 from RP 11/07/10
Final Price: $4.88 each!

Diamond Shelled Walnuts $2.88
Use $2/2 or $.50/1 from RP 11/07/10 (keeping in mind that the $2.88 price is a limit of one)
Final Price: As low as $1.88 for one
Progresso Soup $.88 each (limit 4)
Use $1/4 from GM 10/03/10, SS 11/21/10, GM 11/14/10, or SS 10/24/10
Final Price: $2.52/4 or $.63 each

Charmin Basic Bath Tissue 2/$10
Use $1/1 from P&G 11/28/10
Final Price: $4 each

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent $14.88
Use $1/1 from P&G 11/28/10
Final Price: $13.88

Skippy $.88 each when you buy 2 with in-ad coupon
(in-ad coupon is a manufacturer coupon, and therefore, cannot be combined with another manufacturer coupon)

Toll House Nestle Morsels $1.48 each (limit 2)
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $1.96/2

Bar-S Franks 10/$10
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $1/2 or $.50 each

Crisco Vegertable Oil, 128 oz. $4.99
use $.55/1 from RP 11/07/10
Final Price: $4.44 each

Contadina Tomato Paste $.59
Use $1/3 from RP 09/26/10
Final Price $.77/3 or $.26 each

Palermo's Pizza 2/$8
Use $1/1 from here
Final Price: $ 3 each

Hershey's Chocolate Milk $.79
Use $.35/1 from here or here
Final price: $.44 each! (My kids are going to be really excited when I bring this one home!)

Starting Thursday, December 2, you will be able to view the circular for this week on the Town & Country website here. (Ultra and Town & Country offer the exact same sales each week, but operate under a different store name.)

Have fun grocery shopping this week!

Cereal Swap

We have been working hard around here to get rid of all things processed. It has not been a breeze, as it is an entire lifestyle change. Perhaps, if we had a working farm the change would be more inviting, more natural, a bit less fighting against the tide like. That is how I feel, which is a post I hope to write up soon and share. I do not live on a farm. I have to organize my dairy, produce, meat very well in order to obtain in locally without weekly driving to kingdom come to pick up a carton of eggs. I live far from a farm. I live right down the road from a Wal-Mart actually, so living a sustainable lifestyle of whole foods on a one income family budget has been trying to say the least and I am feeling like I need to share the up's and down's of this experience.

But, not yet. This morning I just wanted to share something encouraging I came across. A little discovery that brought me a lot of joy this morning.

Prior to our whole foods adventure my family ate a lot of cereal, both for breakfast and as a snack. It is one element of our food choices now that I believe my husband misses. The guy misses cereal. And, despite not watching much TV or having really ever been introduced to much cereal my four year old son knows that a bowl of puffed millet is not the same thing as fruity-o's.We do purchase cereal. Once a month I spend ten dollars on pre-made cereal such as Panda Puffs as a treat for my family. But, a bag of panda puffs go fast around here! My husband used to enjoy Honey Smacks. This is no longer a cereal we have in our home. This morning I made a discovery.

If you take a bowl of Arrowhead Mills Puffed Rice Cereal, which runs about $1.50 a bag, and put a bit of raw unrefined sugar on top, and add a few diced bananas you have created a bowl of cereal that resembles Honey Smacks but is tastier and significantly better for you (or the little tummy you are serving).
It is Honey Smacks without any corn syrup, preservatives, or fillers. And, its frugal.

This is so simple. And, that is exactly what I needed today. Last night I stayed up until midnight trying to make my own yogurt. Well, darn thing looks as though it did not turn out.  I needed a little victory this morning in the shape of a bowl, spoon, and sweet cereal filled smile saying, "Ohh, Momma this is delicious!"

Arrowhead Mills puffed cereal can be found at natural food stores, the organic section of many groceries, and online.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Meal Plan for the Week

Whew! Thanksgiving week is over! Now... on to Christmas!

While we on a break from holiday feasting, my meal plan this week is light and fresh.

Monday: Wild Alaskan Salmon with steamed carrots and fresh spring mix salad (mandarin oranges, feta cheese, pecan pieces, dried cranberries and a little raspberry vinagerette)

Tuesday: Baked Potato with Cheesy Broccoli on top and homemade bread (ok.. not exactly light, but it sounded yummy!)

Wednesday: Homemade Pizza w/ Olive Oil, garlic and fresh tomatoes... maybe even some Basil!

Chili Mac and Salad

Meat, Cheese, Fruit and Shrimp spread