Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breakfast Meal Planning

Good Morning

Hi Friends,

Although we do not usually post meal planning for breakfast and lunch I thought that it might be helpful for me to share my typical breakfast meal plan. Take my family back a year and a half ago and my breakfast meal plan was frankly whatever cereal we happened to have found on sale. On weekends we would roll out the red carpet with pancakes or scrambled eggs. We now eat a lot less boxed cereal for both budget and health reasons.

I never knew that ditching the routine boxed cereal could save us money on our grocery budget. 
It has, but only because we have been able to stick to a fairly simple breakfast plan.

So, here we go.

It is Sunday night. The kids are in bed. I am bummed that my husband has to go back to work as I like to have him home with us. Just a few moments before I go to bed I toss ingredients for whole grain blender pancakes into my blender, turn it on and let is soak over night. I set the griddle out on the counter as well. Come morning I only have to add egg and warm the syrup/honey and we are ready to go with hot pancakes in under five minutes.

It is Monday night. I may not know what tomorrow will bring in detail, but I have breakfast planned! During the day today I have made muffins of some kind and we will have them for breakfast tomorrow along with mega green kefir smoothies.

It is Tuesday night. I put two cups of oatmeal in glass bowl, fill the bowl with water, and add a few tablespoons of kefir. Its soaks overnight and I cook it come morning. This makes our very busy Wednesday mornings a breeze, plus fills us up with hearty breakfast.

It is Wednesday night. No preparation for tonight unless we need bread made. I am only making our bread occasionally now as I found that my health food store gives fantastic clearances on day old loaves.  Morning will be eggs scrambled with raw cheddar cheese and toast.

It is Thursday night. Using the pancake recipe again I prepare everything in the blender, but come morning I will make waffles rather than pancakes. I also take out of the freezer/pantry whichever fruit we will have on top of the waffles. This might be peaches, blackberries or apples.

Over the weekend: I rely on my husband more for breakfast help as he does not have to get up and go! He likes to make sausage and bacon along with whatever we have. I sometimes makes Sailor Jacks, bagels, or doughnuts as a Saturday morning treat. We may also have crepes or casseroles, but that is more of the "when guests are here" breakfast.

A couple of notes:

I do keep at least one box/bag of cereal in the pantry for two reasons. First, there are ALWAYS days when the planned breakfast just does not happen and we lean back on the cereal. Second, my family likes cereal so having it in place of a planned breakfast every now and then is a fun change.

In the summer, once a week, I take my boys out for breakfast at a little cafe in our downtown area. This is a tradition I began a year ago and I hope to keep up long into the future.

I do most of my preparation at night so that our mornings can be simple.

I serve either small green smoothie or a piece of fruit at each breakfast.

Since most of my breakfast meals are using the same basic ingredients (grain, egg, fruit, kefir) it is easy for me to always have on hand that which I need and this gives a very consistent budget.

I am choosing to share this not to gloat or make anyone think I have it all together. Heaven sakes, it is the opposite! This breakfast plan was my answer because I do not have it all together! I knew that if we were going to do whole foods the affordable way (from scratch) that planning and routine was going to be a must! 

And, the most important.....at night before I go to bed I make sure the coffee is ready for me in the morning, cause I am a gonna need it!

One of my little dudes!


mrsmac said...

Is the kefir expensive?

Ethiopianmomma said...

MrsMac, the kefir can be expensive depending on several circumstances.
If I were buying my kefir at our organic food store then it would be very expensive. I do, however, every now and then snag a clearance deal on kefir at the store. I purchase my kefir from my wonderful natural food co-op. On average I pay two dollars for a quart of Nancy's Organic plain kefir, give or take a little. The quart lasts me all week with soaking and smoothies. I know that you CAN make your own kefir, but I have not dived into that yet! I hope thie helps.

Kiersten said...

Thanks for posting this. We started our healthy whole grains eating last year & are doing well but I haven't quite got breakfast down. Thanks for the ideas!

SFJ said...

Are there recipes for all of you ideas here on the blog? I would really likr to try the mega green kefir smoothies. Thanks.