Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our New Addition...

Blue balloons? Pink Streamer?
Our new addition, that we are caring for and feeding, is actually our sourdough monster!

We named him Hershel.

Meal Planning Mommies readers and friends meet Hershel.

I began him three days ago and thus far he is healthy and alive. Sourdough is alive, which is an incredibly intriguing fact to the boys in my house~ husband included.

This week I am going to talk with you about sourdough.
How to make it.
What to do with it.

I am not an expert, at all. In fact, this is my very first sourdough monster. I have wanted to try sourdough all year and was always way to intimidated. Last week I made the plunge though and gotta tell you, its not as intimidating as it seems. At all. In fact, Hershel is pretty darn easy to care for. And...well...he tastes great too.

Three days old and already Hershel has become a part of the family. Looking forward to sharing my sourdough journey with you and hopefully hearing back some helpful hints! 

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