Saturday, January 22, 2011

Papa Murphy's Pizza $10 gift Card for $5

Coming this Monday on Plum District's website, they will be offering a $10 Papa Murphy's pizza gift card for only $5!

You will want to go ahead and sign up for Plum district if you haven't already, that way when Monday comes you are ready to go and don't have to waste time signing up because there will only be a 10,000 gift cards sold and they will go fast!

You will want to come back to this site early Monday morning to snag your gift card!

Papa Murphy's offers very reasonable pizza prices for families, some starting at $7.99. They always have great coupons out there too that you could use with your gift card! Coming up in February, they will also have heart shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day. You could save your gift card for a special Valentine's dinner for the kids!

Dinner for a family for $5? Sounds Frugal To me!

Thanks to for finding this great deal!

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