Monday, February 14, 2011

Prayer for Sarah

Hi Friends,

Sarah (one of the MPM's!) is on her way to the Philippines right now to outreach to women and children. She will be visiting with orphans, teaching women how to make crafts that they can sell in the market, and sharing God's love with the people that she meets. This is a trip that has been on her heart for a long time, ever since she began sponsoring a child from the Philippines. Her heart, already touched by the beautiful people of the Philippines, is no doubt going to be touched, broken, and warmed all at once!
Please pray for Sarah as she travels. Please pray for her family as they support their wife/mommy while she serves. Please pray for her ministry and the people that she works with on her mission.

We are so proud of Sarah and we know that her faith and labor are going to touch lives!

Godspeed dear friend! We can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Much love!

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pastorwick said...

(Sarah's husband) Thanks all for your prayers! I'll be tweeting any updates as I receive them!! (twitter name: pastorwick )