Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sock Game

While we were down in Florida visiting much loved family my darling cousin (shout out to Cassidy!) taught us this great meal time game.

What you need:
One sock (clean....hehe)
Random household items

Object/Instructions: Each person at the table takes turns leaving the table and filling the sock with random household items. Little ones might need a bit of assistance in the form a secret sock filling helper. Come back to the table and have each member of your family feel the sock in order to guess what is inside. After everyone has had a turn reveal the contents and see who was correct.

Here is a little video of my son and I explaining the game. The sock game has become a family favorite.


Susie said...

Absolutely priceless! ! !

MommaHughes said...

hahaha...Katie, he's so cute! I have lots more to say. :) I cannot wait to show this video to Preston. He is going to LOVE it and then he is going to ask that we play the game everyday. :) Thank you for sharing that video.