Sunday, March 20, 2011

Avocado Pudding (That screams Chocolate!)

Overall I am not a big fan of hiding healthy food in something disquised as a treat. I like my family to know what they are eating, appreciate it for what it is, and learn to like it. But~ let's be real~ it is not always going to happen that way! There are going to be foods that our children (or perhaps our spouses!) are dead set against.

My oldest son used to love avocados. Until a few months ago that is. Just one day he announced that he did not like them anymore and that was that. Momma has tried them as guacomole, in salad, grilled with cheese, salt and peppered, and on top of soup. Its not happening. Well, as far as he knows.....

Today I made chocolate pudding.
There was not actually any chocolate in the pudding.
It was not actually pudding.
But, no one could tell. They liked it. They ate it. They asked for more.
Inside my head I let loose a miniacal laugh. I just got my family to eat raw avocado without their knowing. Moo-hoo-hahaha! Moo-hoo-hahah!

And, here we go in case you also find yourself in need of a recipe to help the avocado (which is terrilby good for your body) go down without a fight.

2 RIPE avocados 
1/2 cup (or even a bit less depending on how sweet you want it) blue agave syrup 
1/4 cup of carob powder 
2 to 4 tbs coconut milk (I used four to make it a bit creamier) 
1 tbs vanilla 
pinch of salt 
pinch of cinnamon 

While no one is look add the following into your blender. Turn on high and watch green avocado magically turn into chocolate pudding before your eyes....

"Oh, darlings!", you say with a smile. "Momma has a special treat for you all today!"

Serve and laugh. Moo-hoo-hahaha! And, then eat some yourself.

This is called Chocolate Pudding.  As a lover of my Jello brand cook-n-serve puddings made with milk I will tell you that this does NOT taste like that. There is a comfort factor in that little box of Jello pudding that is not in this recipe. However, it is lovely and good and delicious and a great way sneak in some healthy avocado for anyone currently on a strike of the little green powerhouse.

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Susie said...

Looks so yummy!! I've been wanting to try this. Can't remember where I first saw it but it has intrigued me ever since. Sounds like it was a big hit!!