Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A note from Katie: Conflict and Growth

Alisha has been sharing her wisdom in great hopes of encouraging other mother's who may understand and benefit from her transparency. It is my understanding that she is going to continue to share her thoughts here on Meal Planning Mommies as well as good recipes that she prepares at home for her crew!

Over the past two years I have been on a journey of my own. The road has been incredibly exciting and I stand now in a season of overwhelming gratitude and peace. However, I believe that my eagerness to share my knowledge with people started becoming before a search for wisdom. Instead of asking for insight and understanding of what I had learned, I spoke too soon regarding whole foods. I do believe eating whole foods is incredibly important. I believe that there are physical, environmental, and spiritual ramifications. Out of a miserable conflict the Lord was able to shine some light on my heart and change my ways of thinking and speaking about the whole foods diet that I do so deeply believe is significant. In a nutshell, here it is~ almost every mother in the world desires to do what is best for her children. I believe eating a whole foods diet is best and I have made no qualms about stating that. But, what about the mother that can not afford it? What about the mom who does not have access to it? What about the mother who already feels pulled like a rubber band about to snap? What about the mother who does not have the time for food preparation? What about the mother who can't?

I do not every want to make that Momma feel as if she is any less of a mother because of my food ideas. What I do want to do is share, for the mother who desires more whole foods in the kitchen, how it can be affordable, accessible, possible, and doable. My little sister has seen the benefit that whole foods has had on my family. She told me last week that she wants to make the switch. But, she said~" I can not increase my grocery budget as we are already strapped. I already feel overwhelmed. My husband is not really on board because he likes the way we eat. I want to do this with all my heart, but it feels impossible for me."

What about that?
How does that Momma make the whole foods switch? Is it possible for her?

In speaking to my sister about whole foods I am going to do it with great patience, understanding, and love. This is exactly how I want to come across on Meal Planning Mommies. If there are readers who ARE interested in whole foods, I want to share with you in love, provide encouragement, practical steps, and create an atmosphere of support. Just like I hope to do for my own sister.

Because of this desire, I am going to post twice a week for the next few months to answer my own sisters' questions and to speak to anyone else out there who would like to take the necessary baby steps towards a whole foods diet. But, this time I am going to write with transparency and and praying for wisdom regarding each post!

And, let me wrap this up by saying that it is my great hope that in these messages there will be no guilt. Food was given to us by our Creator to nourish us, to sustain us, for tradition and celebration. It it not something that we should think about with guilt, rather it should further connect us to a loving and caring God who has and will provide for us. Remember that in all the ways you may feel inadequate now (as we all do at times!) God has gives us freely something that will cover those places we fall short. He has given us his Grace. And, that Grace will sustain us in ways even the most nourishing meal can never reach.



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Michele said...

Well said. I look forward to reading your post. I am not ready at this time to make the switch but I am sure the information will help me when I am.

Gretchen Magruder said...

love your heart, sweet friend! Looking forward to taking baby steps to whole foods with you, and hoping warmer weather brings some playdates at the park to share face to face!