Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sloppy Lentils

Sunset over the ocean. I love this. And, a good crock pot meal.

Each week my meal plan includes several dishes that feature beans and lentils. This is because they can be incredibly delicious, are a source of wonderful nutrition and are a means to serving a frugal meal. Aside from their versatility one thing that I really appreciate about beans and lentils is how far they can be stretched. Just one cup can go such a long way. I order my beans and lentils in bulk from a natural food co-op in my community.  Ordering in bulk provides my family with a lot of savings and we reduce the amount of packaging that we are responsible for, which was one of our Earth Day Manifesto goals from last year. Hey, every little bit helps!

It also means, however, that in my pantry there are giant tubs of beans. Sometimes this can be a little bit draining. I think to myself, "What in the heck can a gal do with more lentils than my body weight?".......

Thus far I have only been using lentils for the most part in two recipes.
Mojardra and Spicy Lentil and Greens Soup which can both be found in our Recipe Index.

Yesterday a part of my meal plan was to include a crock pot meal that I came across on Passionate Homemaking. As it is not my meal and I only modified the type of vinegar used I am simply going to link you there. If you like lentils you really might like this. If you like sloppy joes you really might like this. If you are considering trying lentils, but are not so sure if your family will enjoy them, this may be a good starting place. It is a fantastic way to feature the little lentil in a flavor packed way!


My entire family loved this. It took moments to prepare, stick in the crock and was aromatic all day long through out the house, something we enjoy.

Many blessings!

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