Monday, May 23, 2011

Tikka Masala

I love curry.
On a cruise a few months ago I ordered an Indian dish rather than lobster. Our waiter who was born in a small town in India (and could not wait to go home to his wife and family!) was very pleased that I liked Indian food. From that night on he brought me all sorts of dishes for my palate to try.. It was an experience in Indian food that I will not soon forget and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have tasted and shared in a piece of his beautiful homeland.

I am far from India.
I am far from the sea. 

What does a Midwestern gal do when she has a real hankering for some Indian food?

She opens the package, thats what!

So, this little package is full of flavor and it turned some chopped veggies into a mighty fine meal!

I chopped up/added:

Sauted them in a little coconut oil until tender and added the tikka masala package to the pot.
After letting this infuise together for about ten minutes I served this over brown rice.
With ia little bit of cultured sour cream on top.

My oh my.....delicious, healthy, and frugal!

You could easily add meat to this, but it was hearty and wholesome without as well.

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