Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy Apple Bake

The farmers market this morning had apples. I was shocked. This summer season is slipping away. Perhaps the sudden appearance of school buses in my neighborhood should have helped me bid farwell to summer, but alas it did not! Excitedly I bought several pounds of these darling looking green apples, with stems and leaves and all. Tonight for dinner I wanted to use them for something. We make apple sauce and we eat them raw....thats about it with my current apple creativity.

Get this~ if you dice up 3-4 apples, put them into a dish with a tad bit of water, 3/4 cups of honey, a handful of raisins, pinch of cinnamon, cover them and bake for...oh...about...twenty will have the a real treat! 

Dice, mix, bake,
I did not even think to take a picture! The entire dish is gone.
Perhaps the coming of autumn is a good thing!  MORE APPLES!!!

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