Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meal Plan May 1-May 6

My busy boys out on yet another rainy day!

It has been a long time since any of us gals have posted our actual meal plan.  This week my family and I have really been enjoying our meals and I decided to go back to my old ways and share the dinner plan!

Sunday~ Pinto  Beans and Cornbread (recipe coming soon!)
On Saturday night I set my beans out and soaked them with apple cider vinegar.  I also began my corn bread, which is homemade and amazing. It is the one thing I think I actually make well. I use whole grain kamut and dried corn kernels, grind them together, soak them in kefir, and let it sit overnight. I add the rest of the ingredients an hour before time to eat, blend, and cook with butter in a cast iron skillet. Oh, Mama, it is the real stuff.  My husband also made homemade cheese sticks to go along side this. Yum!

Monday~ Quesedillas with Leftover Beans
On Monday I made quesedillas by filling a sprouted grain tortilla with the leftover red beans from yesterdays meal along with cheese. I fried them up in coconut oil and served a mango and yogurt to go along on side. This was a good way to use up those beans and it did not feel like we were eating leftovers.

Tuesday~  Fresh Cauliflower Soup (recipe coming soon!)  and Cornbread
The leftover cornbread from Sunday's meal got used today and in one of my favorite soups. This soup needs this cornbread. They are an amazing combination. There is also somethign about this cornbread, two days old, that makes it the perfect companion for a hot bowl of creamy soup.

Wednesday~ All-Beef Hotdogs, sprouted grain buns, Edamames, and Yogurt.

Thursday~ Cinco De Mayo Feast, Homemade tortilla chips, pico de gallo, gaucomole, and spiced ground beef, smothered in cheese....
We have tons of ideas in our recipe index that are different variations of this meal or type of dish.

Friday~ Dip Night. Hummus. Leftover Guacomole from Cinco de Mayo. Ranch. With veggies, crakcers, cheese, and fruits. Easy, light, and fun with a family movie.  Dip night continues with fondue for desert !

Saturday~ Out to Eat

The official snack of our house this week was created by my almost five year old son. In a honey roasted peanut craze came up with his own trail mix and it is addicting! He added honey roasted peanuts, banana chips, raisins, and dark chocolate chips together in a big bowl. We have all been turning to this for our snacks!