Behind the Apron: About Us

The phone would ring. "What in the world are you making for dinner tonight?"
It would no doubt be one of us calling the other for inspiration, for an idea of something to serve up that would be not only tasty, but frugal and hopefully healthy. After enough of these phone calls we came up with a plan: Meal Planning Mommies. The blog was created initially so that Alisha, Sarah and Katie could keep track of each others meal plans thus giving us more phone time for conversations that did not revolve around what we were making for dinner.  Our little personal blog began to grow and now has become a continuously changing resource for meal planning, recipes, and ideas to bring your family to the table together. We are having fun with this blog, working diligently to improve our cooking skills, and strive to serve meals that are budget friendly.  We are not professional cooks, nutritional experts, or photographers~ we are just three mommies for whom meal planning/cooking is just one small part of our day. We are sharing this small part of our lives with our readers in hopes that our efforts will encourage families to make meal time togetherness a priority.

  The Frugal Table:  Sarah Anderson

  After seven years of marriage to my husband, a full time youth pastor, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to pass on strong family legacy to our three daughters. Addie (3), Sophie (2) and Ruby (9 months) are the reason that I put my teaching career aside and began focusing my energy on the inner workings of creating and managing a home. This decision to remain at home full time (and home school) means that our family sticks to a budget of $200 per month for groceries. Being limited in my budget has created a bit of a obsession for me~ cooking and couponing.  I confess, I am an addict, always looking for new recipies for our family to try all the while staying within budget. That is where couponing and menu planning come into play. This challenge is exciting for me, but nothing compares to tickles, hugs, and kisses from my sweet girls. For years my husband would say to me, "Sarah, you need to start a blog!".  Well, I did and because of it he now has to hear me say, "Hey, don't eat yet I have not taken a picture for Meal Planning Mommies!"
I love the Lord, and truly have found my calling through motherhood, and if I could I would eat creme' brulee for breakfast.

The Tasty Green: Katie Brabson 
I wish that I could say that I am a "foodie", but alas I am not. I also am not a coupon queen or much of a domestic diva. I meal plan so that I can adventure, seriously. I have two darling boys, two slobbering dogs, a terrific husband and a real bad case of wonderlust. I keep my kitchen life organized through meal planning so that the rest of my life can be spontaneous. I am a social worker by trade, but choose to stay at home with my kiddos. I home school, read way past bedtime and constantly beg my husband to sell our house and move onto a sailboat with me. Many of my pots and cooking utensils belonged to my great-grandmother and I am constantly reminded through this the importance of passing on blessings to the generations to come. I believe that my husband CAN learn to like vegetables, that my children will benefit from time spent in and around the kitchen with us, and that when Jesus said to take care of the orphan, widow, and alien that he meant it.  Oh, yes, someday I am going to have a pet cow. Read SuBRABia, my blog, to find out how I am going to fit a cow on my sailboat....

Out of the Box Mommy: Alisha Hughes
"Out of the Box" was my cute little attempt at saying that there are many times I will pull fresh foods and mix them with boxed foods, frozen foods, and "already put together food" to create a meal, in an effort to save time. With three kids under the age of four in my house I can't count on having a lot of time, energy, or motivation these days for cooking up extravagant meals. The truth is that I would love to find a restaurant to eat at everyday of my life if it were healthy to do so and didn't cost a fortune. I do meal planning, and I cook because I know I must. :) THEN, I have fun once I am doing it. Anyone out there relate? Where Katie (Tasty Green) might say to herself, "If it is the healthiest option available I will eat it," you might hear me say something like, "Is it healthier than the Big Mac at McDonald's? Okay, good enough. I will eat it". I don't say this proudly, I am just trying to keep it real. I am on a journey with my eating, and I am currently in the process of introducing healthier foods into our diet. Out of the kichen, I live a rather hectic life.  When I am not cooking I can be found with my momma friends, hanging out with my husband of six years, trying to muster up energy to clean my house (endless, right?), working at a clothing store for women, reading books on how to improve as a wife, mother and child of God, or hiding behind the shower curtain hoping my kids won't find me for another 15 minutes. Because I have struggled as a mom, I hope to help and influence other moms in the future after I have figured some things out myself. :)  In the meantime, I will just continue to remind moms of three toddlers/ infants that survival is possible. The truth is I love my family, and I love helping other moms because I don't think we're supposed to go through this mommy journey alone. We'll get through it meal at a time. :)