Give-Away Regulations
Do you have a product that you would like for us to use as a give-away? It is a great way to get your name and product in front of our readers.  We are happy to talk with you about the possibility of a give-away with Meal Planning Mommies, but ask that you consider the following.
 ~ We must test/review the product first. We will only give-away and promote that which we would use ourselves! You ship a sample to us and, if approved, are responsible for mailing the winner of the give-away their prize in a timely manner.  We accept all sorts of give-away items, but prefer to promote things that are related to cooking/meal planning and family fun. We love to promote items made from other mommies! If we accept your give-away item your website and product will be promoted during the week of the give-away.
 Contact us at for more information!

Guest Post/Link to Your Blog Regulations 
If you would like to share an idea or guest post with us we welcome it! However, we have many readers and want to make certain that the blogs we link to uphold a standard of etiquette appropriate for all ages. Simply put, if your blog if full of profanity, crude sexual content, or messages of hate against anyone based on race or religion we will not link to you no matter how great your idea!
To share an idea with the Meal Planning Mommies or be considered for a guest post please contact us at for more information.

Advertising with Meal Planning Mommies 
Now that The Meal Planning Mommies has taken off we are offering an advertising package. Please email us at for rates and specials.