The day we booked our first speaking engagement, the Meal Planning Mommies (that would be Alisha, Sarah and Katie) did cartwheels around the room. If you book us to speak at your conference, mommy's night out,  ladies group, or church we promise we won't do cartwheels on stage~ unless of course you want us to and then consider it done.

We love to talk. And, thankfully we can organize our ramblings into fun and informative lectures that may just be what you are looking for at your next event.

The Meal Planning Mommies are available as speakers to a variety of venues, small and large. Here are just a few of the topics that we speak on individually or grouped together.

~ Meal Planning

   Addressing the basics of meal planning:   What is Meal Planning? Why should I meal Plan? How do I get started? What resources should I use? How do I make it work for my family?  We will teach tried and true systems of meal planning that are flexible and applicable to any family. Our tips, stories, and recipes will be geared to encouraging and empowering moms!

~ Frugal Grocery Shopping

     Combining Meal Planning, Coupons and sales to reduce your family's grocery budget. Specific tools to use, resources and organization/planning that will make for a successful shopping trip! Using biblical principles to reinforce stewardship, the Meal Planning Mommies can show you how to get what you need for less!


~ Fun Ideas to bring your family together in the kitchen and at the table
      Stories and Ideas to help you liven up your family dinner time. Using the dinner table to bring your family closer and helping you meet the needs of each member of the family through conversation starters, games, dinner night themes etc. Make the dinner table the highlight of everyone's day. Nourish the body and soul while creating traditions that will be used for generations to come.

~ Montessori in the Kitchen
      Instill in your children independence, confidence and the skills needed to be safe and productive in the kitchen. Get their creative juices flowing at any age and help them become a partner in meal preparation, clean up, and all of the fun! 

~ Encouragement for Mommies
     Personal stories, humor, lots of humility and applications meant to encourage each mommy out there!  Using biblical truth the Meal Planning Mommies will share how they thrive and sometimes just survive the "mommyhood."

~Organic and Whole Foods Cooking
 Feed your whole family (babies included!) food that will truly nourish their bodies. Discover whole grains, organic eating, and the way to get your kids to eat their greens without a fuss in a new light. Learn how to eat locally, navigate your grocery store, and use the internet for bulk purchases in order to put healthy and delicious food onto your table. 

                We would love to talk with you about bringing 
             Meal Planning Mommies to your next group event! 

Please contact us at mealplanning@live.com for more information.